Defend the Election Fund

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We are preparing for the possibility of contested elections from the presidential to the local level. This fund is for rapid-response grants to support MVP’s local partner groups in critical states facing election emergencies.

Local organizing groups will be on the frontlines. We expect many of the election irregularities, ballot chases, recount fights, or worst-case scenarios will be decided or exacerbated at the local level. With county officials holding a remarkable amount of power, it will be up to the local grassroots groups to witness and document what is going on, apply intense local pressure on counties and states, prepare for ongoing legal fights, and bring immediate national attention to election issues.

In this critical period, groups need resources to:

  • Protect voters
  • Protect themselves, staff, and volunteers from legal attacks, violence, and threats
  • File lawsuits and take other legal actions
  • Document voter experiences
  • Track vote-by-mail and ensure they are counted
  • Capture on-the-ground footage of election interference, uncounted ballots, voter intimidation, and other voter suppression tactics
  • Draw national media attention to local voting irregularities
  • Quickly implement messaging and narrative strategies
  • Mount public pressure campaigns and local mobilizations
  • Maintain or increase staff levels as-needed during the critical post-election period

Funds will be moved in an agile and flexible manner as needed to support realities on the ground. We will be working closely with MVP state advisors, other funders, national partners, state tables, and grassroots groups to move funds daily in response to crises in real time.

This fund is administered by Movement Voter PAC, a federal political committee. Donations are not anonymous or tax-deductible, and will be reported to the FEC and state campaign regulators.

Defend the Election Fund
Support rapid-response needs around voter protection and defending the election results.
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