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Why Your Donation Matters

About the Climate Voter Fund:

  • The easiest way to donate to local climate and climate justice organizations and campaigns who are fighting for climate justice year-round, and also leading campaigns to get voters out to the polls!
  • 100% of funds go directly or are re-granted to local groups.
  • Make a Catalytic Difference – These are locally-rooted, small-to-medium sized organizations where your dollars can make a game-changing difference.
  • Curated by experts in the field who are personally affected – This fund is curated with help local and national organizers – with a focus on MVP’s priority states – and is still a work in progress. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to make additional suggestions of groups to include.
  • Build long-term infrastructure and leadership for change – The Climate Justice Fund invests in groups that are locally rooted and driving change not just for one election, but year after year – with a focus on MVP’s priority states. We fund organizations and local leaders that got out the vote in 2018 and are immediately getting to work on 2019 and 2020, not one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle.

Need more support to donate? This “one click’ option is designed for quick online giving. If you want to donate from a foundation or donor advised fund, or want more detailed information, please contact us.


The Climate Justice Fund supports these groups:
Tomorrow We Vote (c3) / Tomorrow We Vote Action (c4)

A non-partisan and issue-focused organization based in Phoenix that helps uplift youth voting power. Provides education about the voting process, voters rights, and registers high school students of voting age. Informs about issues impacting local communities and helps remove the stigma that comes with engaging in the democratic process.

California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) / Action

The California Environmental Justice Alliance is a statewide, community-led alliance that works to achieve environmental justice. Represents approximately 20,000 Asian Pacific American, Latino, and African American residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, Los Angeles, Inland Valley and San Diego/Tijuana area.

Communities for a Better Environment

Communities for a Better Environment works in low-income Latino and African American communities in Oakland, Richmond, Wilmington and Huntington Park. CBE combines community organizing, science-based advocacy, and legal intervention into a uniquely effective single strategy to successfully impact change in these target communities and develop campaigns to address health hazards in the community.

California, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon
Lead Locally

Building people power to win elections at the local and state level that will beat Big Oil CEOs at the ballot box this November and beyond. Organizing communities to take lead on climate, clean energy policy and stand up for racial justice like Sanctuary Cities.

New Florida Majority (c4) / New Florida Majority Education Fund (c3)/ New Florida Vision (PAC)

An energized multiracial organization with a statewide presence, working to assure a progressive shift in Florida over issues on racial justice, climate, and gender justice. They are increasing the voting power of Florida’s low-income black, African-Carribean, Latino, and LGBTQ community by training citizens and mobilizing voters. Served as hub of the Second Chances voter restoration campaign, registered 31,000 new voters in 2016 and won a key lawsuit that enabled 108,000 voters to register.

Organize Florida (c4) / Organize Florida Education Fund (c3) /Family Always Comes First, Inc. (PAC)

A strong organization and affiliate of the Center for Popular Democracy (Formerly Organize NOW/FIRE), based in Orlando and Tampa, moving towards statewide presence in 2017/18. Combining grassroots base-building with election work to advance racial, economic, climate and reproductive justice. A hub for anti-Trump resistance.

Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

A youth-led movement to stop the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs in the process. Organizing to make climate action a priority and elect leaders at every level of government who stand up for the wellbeing and health of their community.

Maine People’s Alliance / Resource Center

The major community organization in Maine, with 35,000 dues-paying members statewide. A People’s Action affiliate, MPA runs campaigns on a full slate of progressive issues and has a campus program. MPA won a statewide minimum wage increase ballot initiative in 2016. At a March 2017 Resistance Summit 800 participants identified protecting the Affordable Care Act, recruiting progressive candidates for state and local offices and defending referendums on the minimum wage and fair taxes to fund education as top priorities for 2017.


A volunteer-led social movement inspiring Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis and take action to replace dependence on fossil fuels and shift the collective consciousness to return to a safe climate level. Dynamic grassroots organizing including door-to-door efforts to build connections between urban, suburban and greater MN communities in time for the elections.

Bold Nebraska (c4) and New Energy Voter PAC

A visionary group turning Pipeline Fighters into voters and working to turn out young people, young families, and Native voters to protect the land and water from risky fossil fuel pipelines. They will go door-to-door on horseback with the Cowboy and Indian Alliance asking voters to stand with farmers, ranchers, and tribes. Seeking to provide support to local groups, train hundreds, and build needed energy projects.

New Mexico
New Mexico Working Families Party

A grassroots progressive political organization advancing the interests of the working class, middle class, and poor Americans through legislative advocacy, public education, creative media, and community organizing. It endorsed a dozen candidates running for federal and state races in the November elections. Partners at the table include OLE, SWOP, NAVA, CWA, and AFT.

North Carolina
Down Home North Carolina

Down Home Carolina unites to build the power and raise the voices of working people in small town and rural North Carolina to take action. By weaving together their different experiences, they strive to shape a democracy that serves working people, where their labor is valued and their food, land, and water are healthy.

Portland Clean Energy

A major campaign for the November ballot measure that seeks justice and equity for Portlanders most impacted by climate change. If passed, it will generate millions in revenue for green infrastructure and would be the first major environmental policy created by communities of color in Oregon history. The coalition leaders are the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Coalition of Communities of Color, NAACP Portland Branch 1120, Native American Youth & Family Center, and Verde. It’s drawn statewide attention due to candidates’ endorsements.

New Virginia Majority

Statewide voter registration and organizing powerhouse with strength in the African American and immigrant communities in the Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Tidewater regions. Currently undertaking a historic program to register and engage over 175,000 new voters.

YES on I-1631

A visionary coalition organizing for Ballot Initiative 1631 to ensure clean air and water for everyone in the state of Washington. The broadest coalition in the state history with 250 organizations representing scientists, environmental and clean energy advocates, working families, communities of color, health professionals, businesses, faith leaders, and tribal nations. If passed, it would be a historic step with huge effects, potentially making it the first state to adopt a carbon fee through an initiative of the people.

Climate Justice Fund
The easiest way to donate to local, grassroots climate justice groups.