Black Voter Fund

The easiest way to donate to a portfolio of local Black-led organizations. Each group has a track record of non-partisan registration, election protection, and getting voters out to the polls to make sure that Black communities are heard in the democratic process! Most groups also work on local community organizing year-round, in addition to voter engagement.

Curated with Black Voters Matter Fund – this fund is co-curated by Movement Voter Project and Black Voters Matter Fund, who have decades of experience organizing in Black communities.

100% of funds are re-granted directly to the groups.

Build long-term infrastructure that lasts beyond the next election. We fund organizations and local leaders that are in their communities year-round, not one-off campaigns that come and go each cycle.

This fund supports 32 groups
Woke Vote / New Nations Rising Action Fund

WOKE VOTE surprised the nation by having trained college students and church-goers, organize and turn out African Americans across Alabama en masse to block an accused child molester from office, and elect Democrat Doug Jones to the Senate. They hosted a Woke Vote Conference: A Road Map to A Woke 2018, to take their model national, as they continue to work on the ground with other groups to boost voter engagement and hold government accountable to all the people of Alabama.

Arizona Coalition for Change / Our Voice Our Vote Arizona

Arizona Coalition for Change (C4C) & its (c)(4) sister organization Our Voice, Our Vote Arizona (OVOV) are member-led organizations based in Phoenix and Tucson committed to advocating for lasting progressive public policies that empower and equip our most vulnerable communities. They focus on building civic and political power in black and brown communities through voter mobilization & turnout, grassroots organizing, leadership development training, voter registration, electing champions into office, and holding elected officials accountable. By putting people first, they develop and lift up the voices of the New American Majority to take on the nations’ most pressing issues. 

Dream Defenders

Dream Defenders was launched by organizers fighting back after the Trayvon Martin shooting. In protest of the killing, they occupied the state capitol for over a month. As part of the Statewide Alignment Group, Dream Defenders helped win Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to more than 1 million Floridians. They have expanded and deepened their base to 8 counties, catalyzing Black and Brown youth organizing across the state with a focus on policing, bail reform, and advancing a collective statewide strategy around state attorney and sheriff races.

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition brings together more than 70 organizations across the state, including grassroots groups. Led by returning citizens and formerly incarcerated people, FRRC has fought to return voting and civil rights to those caught in the criminal justice system. After fighting on issues like banning the box and clemency, they’re now launching a ballot initiative that would restore voting rights to more than 1 million Floridians whose records currently keep them from the polls.

Georgia Stand Up

Georgia STAND-UP is an affiliate of the Strategic Alliance for New Directions and Unified Policies (STAND-UP). Made up of leaders representing faith, community, academic, labor, and business organizations, Georgia STAND-UP organizes and educates communities throughout the southwest to impact progressive public policy.

New Georgia Project and Action Fund

Ambitious effort working to transform the state’s political landscape. NGP has registered thousands and is conducting citizen academies to get more people educated on how elections and public policy processes work. In addition to more traditional outreach, they’ve also worked to improve election administration and protection and tested the impact of “parties at the polls” on turnout. 

Southwest Georgia Project

Southwest Georgia Project (SWGAP) has a mission of educating, engaging, and empowering communities through grassroots organizing and technical assistance. With a variety of programs and strategies for developing an accessible food system, increasing opportunities for family farms, and building a sustainable movement to shift social norms. SWGAP has successfully organized Georgia from the Albany Civil Rights Movement through today.

Action Now

A major grassroots community organization focused in predominantly African-American wards on Chicago’s South and West sides (Englewood and North Lawndale). Action Now is a CPD affiliate that has a strong leadership development program and a track record of hitting the streets to do major issue mobilization, voter registration, and GOTV.

Workers Center for Racial Justice

WCRJ is a grassroots organization fighting for Black Liberation and for a fair and inclusive society that benefits all people. We organize marginalized Black workers and their families to address the root causes of the high rates of unemployment, low-wage work and over-criminalization plaguing Black communities. To do this, we focus on direct action organizing, policy advocacy, leadership development and voter engagement at the municipal and state levels, with the objective of building a caring economy and society that allow Black people to reach their full human potential.

Detroit Action

A grassroots membership-based organization that fights for economic and social justice for low-income workers in Detroit through issue campaigns and voter engagement. They are affiliates of the Center for Popular Democracy.


Guided by faith-based principles of social justice and fellowship, MOSES supports Michigan’s historically marginalized communities, and empowers ordinary people to find and exercise their civic power.

Mothering Justice Action Fund

A well-organized group of mothers advocating for affordable child care, birth justice, earned paid sick time, family medical leave insurance, and raising the minimum wage. They engage voters around issues of income fairness, lead advocacy work that amplifies the voices of mothers of color, provide leadership development that builds the next generation of mother policymakers, and create family-friendly activist spaces.

African Career Education & Resources (ACER)

ACER is a nonprofit organization that engages African immigrants living in the north and northwest suburbs of Minneapolis to advance equity and eliminate disparities for the area’s large and growing African community. ACER also works regionally where it sees opportunities to make connections that improve the quality of life for African immigrants.

Mississippi Workers Center

The Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights organizes and advocates for low-wage, non-union workers in Greenville Mississippi. Through organizing, litigation, public education, and leadership training the Center combats racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression in employment, housing, and voting.

One Voice MS

One Voice MS is committed to building a strong, informed electorate that rejects polarization and seeks to improve the lives of Mississippi residents across the state regardless of color or class. One Voice works collaboratively with the MS State Conference NAACP to convene a civic engagement roundtable that brings local and statewide partners together to increase voter participation and to protect the vote in Mississippi.

People's Advocacy Institute

The People’s Advocacy Institute (PAI) is a community resource and training incubator for social, political, and economic development, inspiring self-determination and community-driven solution development. PAI strives to create a more just system and fulfilling way of life in the global south through community-led initiatives.

Southern Echo

Southern Echo is a leadership development, education, and training organization working to develop effective accountable grassroots leadership in the African-American communities in rural Mississippi and the surrounding region. With an emphasis on youth organizing, Southern Echo aims to empower local communities and create a process through which people can build organizations necessary to hold systems of power accountable to the African-American community.

Organization for Black Struggle

Building a movement that fights for political empowerment, economic justice, and cultural dignity of the African American community, especially the working class. They organize campaigns around ballot initiatives, public safety, and alternatives to the death penalty. It has a 30-year history of police accountability work and is one of the anchor organizations in Ferguson, along with MORE.

St. Louis Action Council (SLAC)

The St. Louis Action Council, founded by Kayla Reed, is a millennial Black-led collective working to build political power in the city of St. Louis through civic engagement and strategic political action. The collective has organized public debates with more than 1500 local community members in attendance and worked to elect St. Louis’ first black Circuit Attorney. Their most recent campaign was seeking to elect St. Louis’ first Black woman mayor.

Faith Organizing Alliance

A newer coalition of churches and community groups formed to meet a gap in African American civic engagement and organizing in Las Vegas. With planning support by Silver State Voices and seed funds from Movement 2016, FOA conducted voter registration at services, speeches from the pulpit, and provided the only non-partisan rides-to-the-polls hotline and service in the valley during the last election. They also made over 20,000 calls and knocked over 8,000 doors to educate voters. They’re now working to set up a c4 arm and are engaging on clean energy policy.

New York
Community Voices Heard / CVH Action

A strong People’s Action affiliate, CVH has significant turnout capacity among their bases in African-American and Latino communities with a focus on public housing residents. Founded in East Harlem, they now have capacity in all 5 boroughs and are becoming a statewide force by expanding up the Hudson Valley with chapters and offices in Yonkers, Newburgh & Poughkeepsie. CVH is also one of the leaders in the US for participatory budgeting.

North Carolina
Advance North Carolina

Advance North Carolina (“Advance Carolina”) stands for sustainable progress. It educates and mobilizes African American and progressive voters to take charge through inclusive, committed and authentic engagement organizing in order to advance community-based political solutions. It is running a savvy electoral program engaging voters through calls and deep canvassing in time for the November elections.

North Carolina
NC BLOC - Black Leadership & Organizing Collective

A nonprofit building a network of strong Black-led organizations who work effectively to win policy changes that improve quality of life in Black communities. Aiming to position Black communities to hold governing power and to develop alternatives to harmful institutions. Their projects include Black University and NC Statewide Police Accountability Network.

Ohio Student Association

A statewide organization led by young people engaging in student organizing on issue campaigns & electoral mobilization. They engage in nonviolent direct action, policy advocacy, and leadership development on campuses across Ohio to build independent political power. An affiliate of the Alliance for Youth Action. Fiscally sponsored by Stand Up Ohio / Ohio Organizing Collaborative.

Stand Up for Ohio / OOC - Ohio Organizing Collaborative

The strongest statewide community and voter engagement network in Ohio, bringing together community and faith organizations, labor unions and policy groups. OOC builds power for social, racial, and economic justice, and recently registered 150,000 Ohio voters, while organizing on issues including a minimum wage increase, ending mass incarceration, and combatting climate change.

New Voices Pittsburgh

The statewide branch of New Voices for Reproductive Justice, based in Pittsburgh with recent expansions into Philadelphia (and Ohio). They engage in leadership development and organizing to advance the health and well-being of Black women and girls, and the Human Rights of LGBTQ and marginalized communities, with services provided to over 50,000 people. Their Voice Your Vote! Project™, will reach a universe of 125,000 in and beyond Pittsburgh.  

Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild (POWER)

A faith-based PICO affiliate expanding statewide. POWER played a key role in winning a living wage ordinance for city agencies and contractors, and led a statewide faith coalition that successfully changed the state’s public education funding formula to correct long-standing racial bias and inadequacies. POWER will be focusing on municipal and county-wide races in upcoming elections.

Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC)

Working to uplift Black citizens, leaders, and businesses in the community by investing in building long-term power, taking political action, and empowering Black leaders with tools so that their issues are represented at all levels of government. Building transformational relationships with communities of color through organizing, silent canvasses, and conversations. They have knocked 100,000 doors and continue engaging Wisconsinites year-round. 

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) / LIT AF

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) is a new organization led by youth of color. They engage in values-based issue and electoral organizing, direct action, advocacy for public policy, and leadership development. On campuses and communities in Milwaukee’s key geographies, they organize young people to build independent political power for social, racial and economic justice.

National Groups
Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter Fund is a 501c4 dedicated to expanding Black voter engagement and increasing progressive power. Increasing voter registration and turnout is an important aspect of building power, but this is just the beginning of their work. They advocate for policies to expand voting rights/access, including expanded early voting, resisting voter ID, re-entry restoration of rights and strengthening the Voting Rights Act as well as policies that intersect with race, gender, economic and other aspects of equity. They help develop an infrastructure where little/none exists. This includes staff training, candidate development and network development.

National Groups
Black Youth Project 100 (BYP 100)

A vibrant member-based youth activist and civic engagement organization, at the forefront of the movement for black lives and connecting it with other social justice issues. They are combining leadership development, advocacy, direct action, and vote work to build political power.

National Groups
National Coalition on Black Civic Participation / Black Women’s Roundtable

The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) envisions a nation in which all people have the tools to participate in the democratic process at every level. With state-based affiliate and Black Women’s Roundtable networks across several states, but primarily in the South, NCBCP is focused on maximizing the power and impact of the Black vote and collective leadership, with an emphasis on women, Millennials, Generation Z, and returning citizens.

Black Voter Fund
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