Digital Toolkit

MVP helps you make impactful direct donations to grassroots groups. You can help us expand our reach by sharing with your networks on social media! Here’s how: 

Donate AND Testify

This is the most important thing you can do to support our work!

Donate to the Big 5 Battleground Fund. Then, share a testimonial with your network. For most people, testifying on Facebook works better than Twitter unless you have a huge Twitter following.

Here are a few example testimonials:

Share about MVP on Social Media

Share why you support MVP with your network on social media, and encourage your friends to donate. We recommend writing about our Big 5 Fund, which is MVP’s highest priority right now.

Here’s some sample language to include in your post – feel free to edit it as you see fit to make it your own:


And here are some graphics you can download and share in your post: