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About Movement Voter Project: MVP is our secret weapon that we need everyone to know about! MVP connects donors, big and small, to the most effective grassroots voter organizations in the country—organizations mobilizing their communities in critical battleground states and districts where we must win in 2020 and beyond. In less than two years, MVP has become recognized as a best-in-class platform for progressive donors to get money where it needs to go: getting 100% directly to grassroots groups on the ground, in the most critical states and races across the country.

Feeling inspired to give and share with your friends? Follow these easy steps to make impactful direct donations to grassroots groups and share on social media to ask your networks to do the same.

Donate AND Testify:

This is the single most impactful thing you can do!

For most people, donating and testifying on Facebook works better than Twitter unless you have a huge Twitter following.

Here are a few example testimonials:

  • I never thought I could give to both electoral work and grassroots organizing simultaneously. Then, I learned about MVP. A light bulb went off in my head when I realized the impact these tools they provide have for 2020 and beyond. Join me and build the wave we need to win.
  • MVP helped me find amazing grassroots groups in North Carolina. Even though I live in Massachusetts, I was able to start giving small donations to these groups making a difference in their communities. Over time, I learned more about the organizing and organizers in the groups and was blown away by their work. My small donations grew to providing them substantial support. MVP makes it possible for me to invest strategically and locally from far away – with results I see and trust. Check out their tools and start organizing at!

Share about MVP on Social Media:

Use the sample posts below to create your own Facebook posts by copying the text and downloading the image or simply click the image to instantly tweet.



Movement Voter Project can connect you to the community-based voter engagement groups who are transforming justice work nationwide. The revolution is here:






Invest in the local grassroots groups working to build power and hold our elected officials accountable:








2020 starts today. Fuel local grassroots groups so we can build power everywhere:






As we oppose a governmental philosophy based on fear and hate, we need to dig in and recommit to grassroots communities. Will you help fund the #Resistance?