Let's flip Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan - with grassroots power.

A Brilliant New Strategy to Win 2020

I’ve found a brilliant new strategy to stop Trump in three of the most critical 2020 swing states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I’m partnering with Movement Voter Project to raise money for three of the best local grassroots organizations in each state. These organizations empower youth, immigrants, women, people of color, and communities facing the worst of Republicans’ horrible policies. They fight tirelessly on the issues AND Get Out The Vote.

Support Local Community Heroes

This is the most compelling strategy I’ve heard to stop the orange-haired guy AND support local community heroes at the same time. Please join me in supporting these awesome, underfunded local groups to save our country – from the grassroots up!

$1 Million Challenge

Movement Voter Project is pledging to match the money we raise – up to one million dollars! – to hire staff, support volunteers, canvass neighborhoods, and dramatically expand in advance of the 2020 elections.

— Alyssa Milano
100% of donations to #2020Fund go directly to these groups:
Detroit Action

A grassroots membership-based organization that fights for economic and social justice for low-income workers in Detroit through issue campaigns and voter engagement. They are affiliates of the Center for Popular Democracy.

Michigan Liberation

A statewide organization dedicated to the leadership development of community members and the creation of effective campaigns to advance racial, gender, economic and criminal justice reform statewide. They play a key role in District Attorney races and other criminal justice-related political efforts.

Mothering Justice Action Fund

A well-organized group of mothers advocating for affordable child care, birth justice, earned paid sick time, family medical leave insurance, and raising the minimum wage. They engage voters around issues of income fairness, lead advocacy work that amplifies the voices of mothers of color, provide leadership development that builds the next generation of mother policymakers, and create family-friendly activist spaces.

215 People’s Alliance

215PA is a new multiracial collaborative led by parents, teachers, students, union members, and other Philadelphians coming together to make meaningful change. 215 People’s Alliance is lifting up issues of criminal justice reform and housing justice in upcoming elections.

Pennsylvania Stands Up

The story of Pennsylvania Stands Up is a story about everyday people turning our country around by figuring out how to get involved—even if it’s just two hours a week—and building the grassroots force we need to revitalize our democracy. We believe the time is ripe for everyday Americans—of every race and creed, immigrant and native-born, sisters and brothers—to stand up together as one united people. 

Pennsylvania Student Power Network

A youth-led network of high school and college students organizing for social justice throughout the state including livable wages, climate justice, and immigrant justice. They operate on more than 20 PA campuses, with a growing voter engagement program. They are demanding action and winning candidate support to make college free and accessible for all PA students.

Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC)

Working to uplift Black citizens, leaders, and businesses in the community by investing in building long-term power, taking political action, and empowering Black leaders with tools so that their issues are represented at all levels of government. Building transformational relationships with communities of color through organizing, silent canvasses, and conversations. They have knocked 100,000 doors and continue engaging Wisconsinites year-round. 

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) / LIT AF

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) is a new organization led by youth of color. They engage in values-based issue and electoral organizing, direct action, advocacy for public policy, and leadership development. On campuses and communities in Milwaukee’s key geographies, they organize young people to build independent political power for social, racial and economic justice.

Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc.

One of the strongest state-based immigrant rights organizations in the country. They held mass meeting across the state and then helped organize Wisconsin’s “Day without Latinos” which brought 40,000 people into the streets of Milwaukee. Voces de la Frontera Action and Voces de la Frontera has chapters in Milwaukee, Racine, Madison, Green Bay, Waukesha, and Walworth County, and a strong history of organizing the Latino vote.